WL 2018 - 18

Week 18 of 2018… This week half awesome, half sick and tired. 

-Nitin Sawhney  
-Caroline Shaw  
-Ted Hearne (again)


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WL 2018 - 17

Week 17 of 2018… Spring is finally coming around. 

-Eva Quartet 
-Andrew Bird 
-Ted Hearne 
-Kendrick Lamar

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INTRO TO Weekly Listens

If you have a long commute (like an hour or more) then you have no doubt either found myriad ways to keep your mind busy and active, or you have succumbed to frequent zone-outs, not sure whether to be horrified that you don’t remember changing two lanes and passing those last 15 exits, or whether to be grateful that your autopilot brain doesn’t just give up and careen into a guard rail. But let’s stay positive, shall we? 

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Van Cliburn Jr.

18 years later, the Cliburn Competition inspires me in new ways!

This past summer (2016), I blocked out an entire week on my calendar, and every day that week sat down in front of my computer with popcorn…

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