Please feel free to view the gallery of completed masks - this is for demo and for staying organized, not necessarily to show which are available. If you'd like one, please visit the MASK SHOP or email Alec to ask if you can replicate or customize one you like that you see here.



Read about the differences between fabric sources in the "Process" section above, but here's a graphic list of the fabrics I'm working with. Take a look through the options - if you see things you'd prefer to the ones that are already made, just send me an email ( and I'll give you access to my spreadsheet which allows you to sign up for custom combinations of fabrics, thread color, cord / elastic type, or provide custom fabrics that you'd like to be turned into masks.

OPUS 15 - completed July 20, 2020

Plain set for Dai Bosatsu Zendo - the "DBZ set"
8 Sets of 2, each set with a blue summer and grey winter mask of the same inside.
1 additional light blue for A.

OPUS 14 - completed August 14, 2020

This set collects a few individuals I've been meaning to make some for - friends, colleagues, and a couple who made large donations to the studio fundraiser.

OPUS 13 - completed July 6, 2020

OPUS 12 - completed July 10, 2020

Finishing touches on several previously started projects. Finished three older winter masks, plus 2 custom insides from a Japanese T-shirt.

OPUS 11 - completed July 12, 2020

OPUS 10 - completed June 28, 2020

OPUS 9 - completed June 30, 2020





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