Hello Friends

I've enjoyed learning how to sew and make masks - some of them are turning out quite nicely. 

I'm happy to give these away as fast as I can make them, free of charge - if you want/need one, you got it. However, I'm going to add the option to make a donation of any size to an informal fund I've started for my piano students / studio. 

Financial stability is tenuous for many, so I've told my students that I don't want sudden financial changes to be the reason anyone stop taking lessons. I'm presently able to handle the few who have taken me up on this with a tuition adjustment, but if more families face difficulty I want to be able to confidently adapt. Additionally, the studio I teach at in Cockeysville has closed for now, to reopen in the future at a new location - this means a sudden barrage of piano mover fees. 

It's possible that as time goes on, the fund's purpose will change, but it will always retain an altruistic spirit. I'll keep a public ledger (no names) of all contributions and what it gets used for. This is just so that it stays super transparent. Depending on timing and resources, I may also use those donations to cover some of my mask-making costs, but at the moment everything is manageable. 

I hope this is fun :) please to the MASK SHOP to select from ones that are already completed, or browse some of the other pages to get ideas for a custom one. Email Alec with any questions or arrange pick up / drop off. You can even send me your special cotton clothes to make into personalized masks!


PS. Don't forget to check the disclaimers at the bottom of this page. They are pretty matter of fact, but since "we live in a society," I think they are wise to mention.


By adopting a mask from Alec, you understand and accept that:

  • This is not an actual business You can just ask me for a mask and I'll send you one for free.
  • You are under no obligation to donate to my piano fund, but any contribution is appreciated.
  • I'm not a professional tailor / sewer and am actively learning by doing this, so your mask may have flaws.
  • Just like all home-made cloth masks, there are no guarantees of efficacy. Please use your own judgement on how to use it.
  • Since this is a hobby, I may be out of stock frequently, and if you custom order them, it may take a while to fulfill.
  • While I'm getting new materials all the time, some of these (in particular the winter masks) are made from recycled (washed) clothing.