Concert Works for Large Ensembles

Ruminations on Words by Charles Bernstein (2017)

Program Notes

-Piano, String Trio (, SATB Chorus, and Tape

[working on master of live recording]
Premiered June 3rd, 2017 - Westmoreland Festival Chorus and Great Noise Ensemble
Conducted by Armando Bayolo

Please email Alec for score, Bernstein files, and permission for use.

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click image for demo score

Sacred Music for Choir

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Advent Introits (2017) 
A set of 4 Introits to be used on the Sundays of Advent, which incorporate melodies from African American Spirituals.

1. Hope (We Shall Overcome)
2. Peace (Shall We Gather at the River)
3. Joy (This Little Light of Mine)
4. Love (Let Us Break Bread Together)

-Organ + SATB
-Organ, Strings, SATB
-Orchestra [1,1,0,0 - 2,2,2,2 - timp,perc,str (min.] + SATB

[still working on scores / demo recordings]
Please email Alec for alternate orchestrations, download of clean file, and permission for use.

Revelation Introits (2016)
A set of 7 Introits based on texts from Revelation.

  1. For This Reason (Rev 7:15-17)
  2. And I Heard a Loud Voice (Rev 21:3-4)
  3. They Will See God's Face (Rev 22:4-5)
  4. Then I Heard Every Creature (Rev 5:13)
  5. After This I Looked (Rev 7:9-12)
  6. Scarlet and Purple (Var. words from Rev)
  7. These are They (Rev 7)

1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 are SATB a capella (some with solos)
5 is SATB, organ, and handbells
6 is SATB and organ

[still working on scores / demo recordings] 
Please email Alec for download of clean file and permission for use.


    click on image for demo score

    click on image for demo score